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About Us

Fellgroup is a global organization with partners around the world who are committed to doing great work, on time, every time. Many of our projects have been completed in what can best be described as difficult circumstances. I am proud of our team and partners and their commitment to stay the course and deliver on our brand promise to take on tough projects and to finish them with the highest possible quality in a cost effective and timely manner.

We are committed to delivering new and challenging projects around the world, including engineering, construction, and a diverse array of sustainable development programs as we make progress towards our goal of improving lives worldwide. Over the next decade we will not only continue with our excellent track record, but expand our presence globally and further our role of implementing sustainable programs that will touch as many lives as possible.

As Founder & President, I am privileged to work with this amazing group of forward thinking professionals. Together we continue building an ever-growing group of engaged and passionate clients by exceeding project demands and positively impacting lives worldwide. Won’t you join us?

We look forward to connecting with you.


David Gatchell

Founder & President