Impact & Sustainability

Infrastructure development can be very powerful when implemented properly. Projects that are designed and built with the consideration of the local community, maintainability of the materials and lasting functionality in mind are most likely to succeed. At Fellgroup, we measure the success of our projects not just by the quality of the work delivered, but also by the resulting long-term social impacts. Our massive transformative purpose, the reason we show up to work everyday, is to enhance the well-being of a billion people by sustainably developing infrastructure and empowering communities where we work.

With our principles and objectives clear, we have developed a simple and effective impact & sustainability methodology. This methodology guides our project managers in their day-to-day work and enables us to measure and maximize the impact we have around the world. Most importantly, it ensures that we hold ourselves accountable to delivering responsible projects that sustain their positive impact over time.

Impact: Number of People Positively Impacted

In order to determine our impact, and whether or not we are maximizing it, we need a way to measure it. We begin at the micro level by determining who is directly impacted by our work, including laborers and others directly involved in the execution of our projects. As we expand out, to a macro level, we consider indirect impacts to people outside the immediate project team like community groups, surrounding areas and the region.

Direct Impacts -> Indirect Impacts -> Community and Region

Sustainability: Our positive impact lasts over time

The key components that ensure a project will maintain its positive impact over time include creating meaningful projects, building strong relationships and adding and sharing value. Our methodology includes actively involving relevant stakeholders, employing local laborers, using locally sourced materials, providing operational and safety training, proactively soliciting feedback and delivering projects on time and on budget.

Our impact and sustainability methodology has provided us with a quantitative and qualitative framework that allows us to measure success and track our progress toward our massive transformative purpose. We look forward to evolving and improving our impact and sustainability framework over time to ensure we continue to grow and impact as many people as possible around the world. There is much work to be done…

To learn more about Fellgroup and the impact we are having around the world, please check out the short video above.