David Gatchell, President, Austin, Texas, USA

“We will have an authentic, positive, global impact. I believe that we will change the lives of a billion people for the better.”

Tranquillin Mensah, Project Manager, Cotonou, Benin

"Fellgroup trusts in me; I like to be an actor of development, have a high challenge. I have the opportunity to use my hard and high relationship in West Africa to grow the opportunities, projects, clients of Fellgroup; I would be proud to have helped Fellgroup reach its objectives.”

Elisa Gomez, Impact Manager, Lisbon, Portugal

“I am working for Fellgroup because I strongly believe in their massive transformative purpose of impacting a billion people through infrastructure projects. Their values are aligned with mine and it is a truly fulfilling job! We are providing added value, offering inclusion and participating in the social & economic development capabilities of the communities where we operate and that is amazing! Transparency and Inclusion are the biggest assets of Fellgroup, we walk the talk and nowadays this is rare! The team is committed, motivated and devoted to establishing long-term relationships.”

Elizabeth Robinson, Administrative Manager, Austin, Texas, USA

“Working for Fellgroup is exciting because we are able to leverage modern technology and resources to have a positive impact worldwide. I love that I can live in Austin and still add value to a project in Benin or Senegal.”

Becca Pride, Proposal Coordinator, Austin, Texas, USA

“I was drawn to Fellgroup because of the mission to do better through international infrastructure development. It's been a pleasure to work at a company that values community impact and sustainable development so highly.”

Vaibhav Bhatia, Project Engineer, Austin, Texas, USA

“I love the fact that we are not confined to any specific region and are going after projects in all parts of the world. Also, we have a very lean approach which I think enables us to go after all these exciting opportunities.”