Afghan National Army 9th Commando Kandak

project posted:

Project Name: 9th Commando Kandak for the Afghan National Army (ANA) in Herat Province, Afghanistan

Contract No.: W5J9LE-11-C-007

Project Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan Engineer District South

Type of Project
Design-Build, hardened vertical construction of facilities including: 1 Commando BN HQ and Offices Building, 8 Barracks, 5 Laundry Facilities, 1 DFAC, 1 300-student classroom building, 1 Fitness Center building, 1 Medical Clinic, 20 Personnel Bunkers, 1 Multi-Purpose Facility, 1 Detention Facility, guard towers, storage buildings, vehicle maintenance and refueling facilities, ammunition supply point, and various recreational fields and facilities. This project also includes utility design and construction including 3 power plants, electrical distribution, water, sewer, and road networks.

Contract Value: $17.5M

Completion Date: December 2013