Afghan National Army Regional Hospital Gamberi

project posted:

Project Name: Afghan National Army (ANA) Regional Military Hospital, Gamberi, Laghman Province, Afghanistan

Contract No.: W5J9JE-11-C-0095

Project Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Afghanistan Engineer District North

Type of Project
Site Adapt Design-Build project consists of the design and construction of a new campus facility for the ANA Regional Hospital Gamberi in Gamberi, Afghanistan to serve the medical needs of the Afghan Army Regional Command in Gamberi. It includes billeting and life support for approximately 235 medical and other required staff and includes all other infrastructure necessary to operate and maintain the hospital. Utilities will be connected to the existing Gamberi ANA garrison systems. Separate emergency power for the hospital will also be installed and the hospital will have its own force protected perimeter wall or fence with a separate entry control point. The project site is located adjacent to the existing ANA Gamberi Garrison. The overall project is defined as the design, material, labor, and equipment to construct buildings, parking, utilities and other infrastructure for ANA Regional Hospital Gamberi. The work is being constructed in accordance with current U.S. design and International Building Codes (IBC), Life Safety Code (NFPA-101), Force Protection and security standards.

Contract Value: $19M

Completion Date: December 2013